Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Fear Factor VS Open Heart ~

The Chinese New Year almost comes to the end.
Anyway, the life of 2011 rabbit year has just started.
Many different stories to be told for the Rabbit year so far (13 days has passed officially), eg: family, 2 weeks of CNY holiday at Taiping (watched 4 movies), everytg in Chu 2 and Chu 8, my siblings...
My aim is to deal with the THESIS and exams in a good way to get an EXCELLENT outcomes and to try something NEW before these remaining 8 weeks pass.
NEXT is to prepare for INTERVIEW for JOB SEARCH.
And don't forget to rub off all the fear factors that has arised after such a long CNY holiday, and most importantly, OPEN MY HEART AND MIND in EVERYTHINGS!
This will be a GRAND, NEW and PROSPEROUS YEAR!

Cheers!~ =)

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